Hello! My name is Emanuel Lozada, Professional Drummer and Music Producer. I wanted to make this introduction because I have had this website for some time and I have realized that I have never told you why I am dedicated to music production as well. 

Since I was a Kid I have always been passionate about music, I studied and trained in that field, so I can take my innate talent to the next level. I started working recording drums in a Studio in Puerto Rico, but I always felt that desire to be able to edit, mix and record my own drum tracks and do music productions in general.

Due to life circumstances I had to emigrate to the United States and when I got here I had to start from CERO, I had no job, no contacts, no friends, no nothing.

Over time I met some contacts to play drums but nothing related to production, with the pandemic I got Laid-off from my previous job as a music Teacher and I had to jump to an emergency job, Not feeling happy with that job, I quit that job and decided to study music production in order to expand my knowledge in production and be able to work full time in music becoming an Authorized Steinberg Technician and music producer specialized in mixing and mastering. 

As a result of all this history, today I have managed to work with some music producers in the area, and have the opportunity to create music for others, movies and short films scores, mixing, mastering and distribute there music in all streaming platforms here in the United States.

With that been said, if you want a music arrangement or if you already have an arrangement already recorded and want to get a professional sound with a profesional mix, I invite you to contact me in the contact section. Thank you for your attention,

God bless you.

My Work


 Juan Camargo-Audio Engeneer

Joxu Nunez – Artist/Song Writer/Producer.


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